Southeast Asia Technology Co.Ltd.

Southeast Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (SEATEC), an engineering consulting firm, was established on October 13, 1969. The firm provides expertise in a wide range of specialized fields of civil, water resources, transportation and environmental engineering. SEATEC is believed to be unique in being the only local company in Thailand which has recognized full-time expert capabilities in engineering sufficient to meet international standards. Not only in Thailand, SEATEC has brought together outstanding Asian professionals and formed up a strong association of "SEATEC FAMILY" companies operating throughout Southeast Asia. Thus far, SEATEC has furnished comprehensive technical services ranging from research to implementation, including civil engineering, environmental engineering, water resources development and related scientific services in the fields of water supply and sewerage, waste disposal and treatment, ground and surface water development and exploitation, flood control and drainage, structural design, construction supervision and management, sanitary engineering, system planning and feasibility study and other fields related to public works, rural and urban development.


This background of experience has made it possible for SEATEC to incorporate advanced and  appropriate technology into comprehensive and practical designs, which are generally needed, particularly in developing countries.


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